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Implementing augmented and virtual reality in industry

The division of virtual solutions develops complexes for training, industrial safety and assistance to workers

Virtual reality

Service mechanics simulators equipment and industrial safety

augmented reality

Holographic instructions for working with complex equipment





Personnel training
Personnel training
Production risks
Quality and speed



   Service mechanics simulators are a new cost-effective way to train personnel for educational institutions and manufacturing enterprises.

   For an example, consider the training of SPO specialists. service mechanics skills, and for this, in today's realities, they need to disassemble and assemble, break and repair expensive imported or domestic equipment.


Who will allow them?

Виртуальная реальность

Projects based on virtual reality



    Complexes using augmented reality technologies using the platform developed by us can replace an experienced mentor, both in production and in the educational process.

    What does a new employee need to know   to become a specialist?

    Nothing else!

    Wearing augmented reality glasses, all his manual work will be accompanied by a virtual mentor who will tell and show what needs to be done at one time or another.

Дополненная реальность

Projects based on augmented reality

     At the moment, our company has developed a platform and a ready-made prototype for the service of industrial robots. Using this platform, we are ready to develop a unique complex for your needs.

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